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since 2004

About AsistelWe work for you since 2004

Global solutions for a connected world

We are focused on offering global solutions and services to help and facilitate the client’s projects development, installation, adaptation and maintenance of their own networks, providing support to the needs of the demand that in recent years have meant the definitive takeoff of telecommunications and the latest technologies.


At Asistel, our mission is to bridge the distances and connect the world through innovative telecommunications solutions. We are committed to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless communication, break down barriers, and empower people and organizations across the globe.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that connectivity is a fundamental human right. We aspire to create a world where geographical boundaries no longer limit the exchange of ideas, the flow of information, or the ability to stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and opportunities.

About AsistelWe work for you since 2004

Communication is key to business success. 

In an increasingly connected world, communication is key to business success. Trust us to provide you with innovative communication solutions that will improve your productivity and increase your efficiency.


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